Overall 5/5 Lakewood Firestone is the Best!


I have Brought my cars to Lakewood Firestone for 21 years and have always had a positive experience. The owners and staff are trustworthy, professional, and reliable. The work is done quickly and with care and at reasonable prices. We recently had an exhaust problem on an 8 year old minivan and were given the options of a new manufacturer replacement system for $900 in parts., or $100 repair alternative that would accomplish the same result. We chose the cheaper option; the work was done that day, for about $150, including the labor.


George, Rich and the staff are great folks - friendly, reliable and trusted. We have been very pleased with their service, and will continue to bring our cars to them for service!

-Tom S.


Overall: 5/5 Trustworthy and locally owned


My parents frwquently go to Firestone for all thier car repairs and also for any advice when they are in the market for a new car. I myself have gone there when I destroyed the bearings in my wheels while being a general idiot. Not only were they timely, but they were also fair in price and made me feel very trusting of the work that was being done. High recommended to anyone who wants to avoid the worry of getting ripped off in some kind of automotive scam.

-Michael C.

Overall: 4/5 Very Nice People


My mother used this store to purchase tires and got them rotated and cared for for many years. She is always treated like an important customer which is important to senior citizens.

-Bonnnie B.

Lakewood Firestone. I have been taking my car to Lakewood Firestone since 1992. I cant remember an instant where i had an issue with the quality of work or the timeliness in the completion of work. There may have been 1 or 2 in the whole time I have been going there, but I have never been dissatisfied with the result. They have always done the right thing they have always been freindly and respectful and any time I have been told that I needed major work done, I have had other places tell me the same thing.

they have never told me that I needed something that I didnt. In fact, they have been more than helpful by telling me when they notice some deterioration and estimated about how muhc time/ miles I have until ti will start to become an issue. This has helped with budgetory and planning needs.

Ill admit, they are not the cheapest, but they arent the most expensive either. It took em a long time and many poor experiences to find a reputable, honest and family oriented business that I can trust to do the maintenance and repair work on my vehicles. I travel from Medina to use them, if that doesnt tell you something about thier service I dont know what else to say.

The only complaint I have is that they always turn off my radio! lol George, and Rich are great guys and I appreciate them. Happy Holidays. 


Lakewood Firestone sends us coupons all the time! Great experiences taking all of our cars there over the last two years! Thank you!!

-Jackie D.

Overall 5/5


Very good service got my car back right when they said it would be ready!



Overall 5//5


First time at Lakewood Firestone location. George was professional, and did what I had asked without trying to over sell me. I will be back!



George Rich and the rest of the staff at Lakewood Firestone are the greatest. We've been going to them for 20 years and have had fantastic service every time. thanks guys! Pat & Bob Paul

-Robert & Pat

Even though I called late in the week, the staff worked their schedule to fit me in that Saturday since it was my only free weekend in the near future. As always, everyone was courteous and thorough in addressing my concerns. Although I was getting an oil change and a tire rotation, the tech noticed the rear bulb burned out and replaced it. I appreciate that attention to safety and my welfare. I also wondered about possible engin noise and I recieved a road test to check it on the spot. I havent found such top notch service anywhere else - not even the dealership!


Thank you!


Overall 5/5

We would, and have recommended Lakewood Firestone to several of our friends. My own mother has recieved service there. We completely trust the guys to steer us the right way to affordable repairs. George is often a little grumpy but Rich and George are the best and always attentive, professional, and we rarely go anywhere else when we need any kind of service. If their commitment was ever in question; they earned our trust back yet again by taking the hyundai back and re-checking the timing belt after questions were raised by someone who actually knows about cars. We hope Lakewood Firestone stays in business for a long time to come.


Thanks for the great service and attention to my concerns. I have real peace of mind when dealing with you and your staff! Thanks!

-J.A. Cummings

I have actually recommended your shop to several friends! Having a mechanic you trust is an invaluable thing! Thank you so much.


Every three or four months for the past eleven years, I gather up my courage and drive my aging 97 Saturn up to a local garage for an oil change. I sit quietly as I watch the mechanics lift my car into the air and look around underneath with a flashlight. My stomach rolls into a granny knot as the service writer grabs his clipboard as he approaches me with the list of things they found. I sigh and grab my wallet and spend nearl $300 for another oil change....


Then I found Lakewood Firestone. Rich and the crew are as nice as they could be. They are not push and they appear to be honest when suggesting additional services. Ive bought tires, a new radiator, brakes, a muffler and an alternator from them. They've shut off my infernal " service engine soon" light with an oxygen sensor. Best of all, if the service on my car was going to take more than a reasonable amount of time- they've lent me a car so I could go about my day.

I still tense up when its oil change time, but I know that Rich will give it to me straight and honestly let me know if any additional services can wait till another time.The saturn just passed 100,000 miles and im do for an oil change soon. I briefly thought of taking advantage of a coupon for a " quick lube" place but remembered how well Ive been treated at lakewood firestone.


They've never given me a reason to go anywhere else.


-CHarles H. - Cleveland Ohio

When I bought my car last year, the dealership emailed me a "coupon" for a basic oil change for something like $30. Ridiculous, right? So when it was time I did a little shopping and found firestone which is conveniently located up the street from my parents. The prices are standard (fifteen bucks for an oil change and inspection) But its the service that keeps me coming back. These guys are super nice and knowledgeable and they dont mess around. Good Job Guys!

-Sarah F. - Lakewood Ohio